START DATE: Flexible. We are looking to fill this position ASAP and will be interviewing qualified applicants as they present themselves.

POSITION: Full Time Packager for our wholesale line of stationery and gift products | M-F, 9-5:30 | $12/hour to start 

BENEFITS: After 3 months of full-time employment we offer health insurance, paid vacation & sick days, plus additional benefits to be discussed during the interview process.

LOCATION: 3524 Butler Street, Pittsburgh PA 15201 (New location at 4618 Friendship Ave. in the new year)

JOB DESCRIPTION: After having to say goodbye to so many amazing employees this year, we recognize that the shop is getting pretty crazy and the show must go on. We are in need of someone to take over as the main packager here at Sapling Press and I cannot stress enough how monotonous this job is. Your day to day duties will consist of you counting cards, folding cards, putting envelopes into cards, and putting those cards into sleeves. This will happen over and over and over and over. For real. It just don’t quit. But don’t worry. If you get tired of cards we also print thousands of napkins and other items that ALSO need packaged.

You’ll also be responsible for safely packaging and weighing all of our final orders, and will need to be able to carry at least 40lbs. up and down the stairs. In addition you’ll need to maintain the retail section of our Etsy site and pull, package, & ship those orders as well. A small amount of customer service will also be required with this part of the job since we get the occasional convo that will need to be answered in a polite and efficient manner.

We're looking for someone who feels confident about completing the tasks at hand and who is not afraid to ask questions when they are unsure. Our new employee should be someone who is self-motivated, prides themselves on their attention to detail, and understands that we have definite goals to be met daily and in a timely manner. Speed is very important, but getting everything correctly out the door is even more important. The shop runs like a well-oiled machine (like 80% of the time) and after a thorough orientation we’ll need you to jump right in. That being said, all the standard "great employee" traits still apply.

SIDE NOTE: This crew is like family. We spend 40 hours a week together working hard, making fun of each other, and trying to make some rad stuff along the way. We know when it’s time to put our heads down and get busy, and we know when it’s time to gab about Netflix and share viral dog videos on YouTube. It’s a delicate balance but we’ve somehow got it figured out. Finding someone who can hang with us is a must and as we narrow down the applicants we may have you come in to work a full day so we can get to know you better and so that you can really see if this job is right for you.

INTERESTED? Please send an email with a cover letter and resume to Lisa at If you don't think it's for you then maybe you know someone that would be perfect. That's just as good and we appreciate you spreading the word. Thanks for your interest!