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So here’s the deal.

We’re a gift & letterpress studio founded in 2003 and grounded in the steel city of Pittsburgh. If you walked through our door right now, you’d catch us manning the presses, answering emails, packaging products, and chatting about everything from home renovation to our latest Netflix obsession. Our lines of gifts and greeting cards keep us busy on the daily, but it’s not our only gig. We turn out everything from custom invitations to business cards, host events, and offer classes several times throughout the year. Idle hands, ya know.

The shop houses four presses, the occasional furry friend, and a playlist that just won’t quit.

Want more of a backstory? Can do. Lisa Krowinski started this business while working as a graphic designer in Baltimore. After setting type for four hours in the home studio of a local printer, her fate was sealed. The shop has moved five times since the purchase of our first press, and with each move Sapling Press has become a bigger and better version of itself, all thanks to a dedicated crew, awesome clients, hustlin’ reps, mad talented collaborators, and a long list of folks who support us like it’s their job. We can’t thank them enough, and thank you for taking the time to check us out.

Our Team

Lisa | Chief Rocka

As the chief rocka of the shop, Lisa has worn every hat in the game and touts Jay-Z as her business coach.Currently, she’s in charge of all product development & design, social media, and recruiting new collaborators & reps.


Kyrie | Account Management

Kyrie is a designer at heart, a dog’s best friend and organization fan girl. She loves yoga (at room temperature), learning new things, and jimmy fallon. From 9-5:30, Kyrie keeps an eagle eye on orders, communicates with our reps & shops and knocks out to-do lists as fast as we can make em.

Bethany | Packaging & Business Development

Bethany is one half of our dynamic packaging team and helps manage part of our business development department. She enjoys lip syncing Missy Elliot while in the studio. After hours, she’s playing video games, completing design work for a client, or catching up on Netflix. Check out some of her personal work at

Stephen Leon | Printing

When not bringing Sapling’s custom designs to life on the Windmill, you can find this California native roaming the streets of Millvale, drinking a beer at Happy Day Lounge, or seeing a show at Mr. Smalls. Bad Mexican food makes him angry and he insists that cup o’ noodles is one of the major food groups. Stephen also likes long walks on the beach, cascading sunsets, and buying useless crap on E-Bay.

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Jared Wunsch + Hans Johnson

In 2010, after taking a four year break from the stationery industry, I decided I would rebrand the entire business and focus on nothing but clean typography and clever copywriting. I met Jared and Hans online when I came across their crowd sourced website based around the same concept. I reached out to them to form our first Sapling collaboration and we’ve been working together ever since.

Will Rolls

I work late. Like way into the morning kind of late. Working late leads to wasting time, which usually leads to twitter, which eventually led me to Will. I came across Will’s twitter account and immediately knew I had to turn it into a line of cards. The 5 hour UK time difference worked in my favor, and by the morning we had connected and a new collaboration was born.


Leanne Ford

After viewing a holiday themed window display for a local clothing boutique, I was inspired and motivated to dig a bit deeper. The creative force behind the message turned out to be the lovely Ms. Leanne Ford. As a writer, stylist, and interior designer, this gal is a triple threat. Together we’ve collaborated on several cards and have zero plans of stopping.

Andy Selsberg

I came across an image of Andy’s Book “You Are Good At Things—A Checklist” while doing some research on a new card line. The simple design caught my eye and I immediately went to Amazon to read as many pages as I could. By the time we spoke, I had already bought his book and marked it up with various highlighters and red pens. Together we’ve worked on two complete card lines, and if you’re looking for someone to walk and talk the high line with, Andy’s your man.


Braden Graeber

After being called out on Instagram for miscrediting the source of one of our products, I reached out to Braden with the intention of apologizing 1,000 times and making amends. I wouldn’t be much of a boss lady if I didn’t propose that we still continue to work together, so I did, and we do. His sense of humor is a perfect fit and we’ve collaborated on so many cards I’ve lost count.


Josh Hara

I was introduced to Josh through Braden Graeber, after he let me know that Josh was the original source for a few of our cards. I reached out to make things legit, and I’m so happy I did. This guy is the best and he manages to somehow get his voice heard in almost every line we create.


Alathea Okonak

As a fellow maker in the ‘burgh, Thea and I had crossed paths several times. While the majority of her products are pretty Pittsburgh-centric, she had one line of zodiac cards that I couldn’t stop thinking about. I told her how much I coveted the line and that if she ever wanted to collaborate, I’d love to add it as one of our own. Several months later she said she was keen to the idea, I put our spin on it, and it’s still one of my favorite lines today.

Robin McCauley

While on the hunt to add another lady perspective to the mix, I was introduced to Robin by Josh Hara. I’m a dog person and she’s a cat person, but if she didn’t live on the other side of the country, I think we could work past that and be best buds. I love what she brings to the table and I can’t wait to see what we cook up next.